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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For Sale

Jump Creations cute cars are now for sale. Each block is 7" x 7" (177mm x 177) and they are printed on white quilters cotton (sorry the pictures came out a bit grey) in blue, green, orange and red. Price is AU$4.99 each but if you have a look at Gadgets Galore you will find some pack deals and other discounts as an introduction special.

Here is my hand dyed material that I used on the back of my car quilt in a brick pattern. The squares are 51cm x 55cm and are selling for AU$9.99 with colours of Yellow, Navy, Red, Green, Blue and Orange (not shown). My hand dyed material is listed on Gadgets Galore also. I love the Blue as it looks like the ocean and I can't wait to do a quilt with fish etc. to show this up.

And last but not least is the stripe material that made the blocks stand out in my quilt. This is 45cm x 47cm and for sale at A$12.99 each.

If anyone is interested you can buy from Gadgets Galore or contact me direct. I look forwards to hearing what you think so drop me a line as I would love some feed back.

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