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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This does not happen very often!

 Hi all,

Here are the latest photo's or our new dog who is now called Duki.  Trust me he is not this quite most of the time but how cute does he look.  The word NO has featured in the house over the last week and he is starting to get it.  So tonight he has been very well behaved although he was extremely tired as you can see.  Funny we are extremely tired too.  How long does the puppy stage last?!  At least he has not done too much damage yet but I am very sure if he was in the house by himself it would be trashed!

Time for bed,
Catch you all next post

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Life changes

Hi all,

Well life has been a bit out of control for a few months, partly because of my new job and our Chewy finally had to go to sleep after 14 years and it has made a big impact on our lives which we did not expect.

today this little rascal (on the right) called Marmaduke arrived.  He is a 4 month old border collie with a lot of energy and it was really hard to get this photo because he has the attention span of a flea as the saying goes.  There is going to be a lot of training not sure if we will be doing it or he will be doing it on us.  We were going to shorten his name to Marty but I think he might be more of a Duke!

So life goes on...... can't wait to get back into the sewing and Scappy n Happy has really inspired me to make some of my own coasters.  I think it is a fabulous idea to make mini quilts as there really is not enough time to make everything we want.

Until next post hope you all stay well.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Colors of nature

Well I have been doing a lot of gardening lately and not much sewing. 

As you can see I have found some interesting things in the garden and do they smell bad which means the flys really like them.  I thought they where some kind of carnivorous plant but the Carnivorous Society tell me they are just fungus.
 I was taught you should look to nature for idea's on how to mix colors and I can see how orange/brown and the black/red looks good together but it does not make these any better.

Is anyone else finding weird things like this in their garden?

Looking forwards to getting back into the sewing room and sharing some more things with you. 

Until then stay well.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ready to go for the Fete

Hi everyone.  After reading some of your posts it looks like we are all sleep deprived at the moment.  I know the warmer weather is helping me, things dry much quicker.  I had to include a picture of the product ready for my nephews fete as it looked so nice all packaged up.
So now it is over to the customers so we can raise some money for the school.  It has given me some great ideas so I can see some new products coming up...... but some catch up sleep first!  Bye till next time.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Would this encourage the dishes to be dryed?

Are these Tea Towels cute or what!  These are for my nephew's school fete so I am hoping that they will be very popular with the boys and help mum and dad out too.  Do you think it will work?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My background is not working!

Hi everyone,

The change with the "cutest block on the block" has not been kind to me so it must be time for a change! Is anyone else having a problem?


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For Sale

Jump Creations cute cars are now for sale. Each block is 7" x 7" (177mm x 177) and they are printed on white quilters cotton (sorry the pictures came out a bit grey) in blue, green, orange and red. Price is AU$4.99 each but if you have a look at Gadgets Galore you will find some pack deals and other discounts as an introduction special.

Here is my hand dyed material that I used on the back of my car quilt in a brick pattern. The squares are 51cm x 55cm and are selling for AU$9.99 with colours of Yellow, Navy, Red, Green, Blue and Orange (not shown). My hand dyed material is listed on Gadgets Galore also. I love the Blue as it looks like the ocean and I can't wait to do a quilt with fish etc. to show this up.

And last but not least is the stripe material that made the blocks stand out in my quilt. This is 45cm x 47cm and for sale at A$12.99 each.

If anyone is interested you can buy from Gadgets Galore or contact me direct. I look forwards to hearing what you think so drop me a line as I would love some feed back.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy, busy & more BUSY!

The week has continued to be as busy as the weekend. Here are pictures of what I have been working on in-between printing more car blocks and stripped material to send out. I can only give you a sneak peak of the back as it looks like it has grown hairs, there are so many threads I still need to take care of!

I still want to do some more quilting. I can see bright yellow, maybe with a touch of silver, stitching on the headlights

My sister-in-law Jessica made this wonderful quilt using the car blocks and some of my dyed fabric. I am always waiting for Jessica's next post so I can see what she has done. There are always fab things to see on her blog.

I will be putting more information up later this week with pricing of the items for sale so stay tuned. Till then keep warm and stay well.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What a busy weekend

Well I have been busy all weekend doing screen printing and trying to finish the two quilts I am quilting. I have been fortunate enough to have someone offer to do some marketing and hopefully sell my blocks which will be fantastic. So I have been busy printing. In between I have been quilting madly so that I have some finished product pictures to show too.

I have found a new use for my ENJO outdoor glove. I had some gunk on my screen that was not coming off no matter what I did, I decided to get my Enjo glove out. What harm could it do? I was surprised at the amount of ink it took off so will use it more in the future, oh and yes it did get the gunk off too!

My new ENJO addition is the Lint Glove. I found that this gets the fibres that are stuck in my cutting board out so really please with that too. It is also good to take the threads off the fabric before I print. I don't think it will go back into the house at this rate!

Well will get on with the pressing and cutting and then some sleep so I can go to work. Will have some more pictures in the next couple of days.

Till then stay well.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A big thank you to Thea for her blog story. Her support is much appreciated.

I must also give credit to my sister-in-law who does some fantastic work. She made this cushion for her mum. We spent a day together and the flower was Jessica's first attempt at screen-printing. We had been mixing colours and after Jessica went home I had to use up the left overs (because I loved the colours) and the result was the other fabrics you see.
We have been putting our heads together for my nephew's fete in August. We both have some good ideas that will be interesting to see unfold. No doubt we will both be including these on our blogs in the near future.
Until then hope you all stay well.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nothing is happening!

Well I have not been near a sewing machine. Sometimes life is so busy you just have to deal with it. I am sure I will get to those quilts soon so I can show you the finished result.

Till then stay well.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Well it has been quite some time since I last bloged. It has been soooo busy!
I have been busy making a quilt with some of the blocks I have printed and my dyed materials as everyone I tell wants to see what I do and it is difficult to explain, so now I can show people.
So here is a sneak peak at the front and back. Once I have quilted it I will take a full picture, although if you look carefully at the picture of my new table you will see it on top.

My brother has made me a wonderful table that is going to make my life much easier. I have had a major move in my sewing room and will need to do some more changes in the future. I am looking forwards to spending a lot of time in this room. Amazing what you can pack into a small room!

So now it is onto quilting, another first. Hope there is not too much unpicking!
Looking forwards to sharing the finished product in the next post. Catch you all later.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What's in a name?

Well we have had a interesting week. As most of you will know our dog is sick, partly old age and other problems. Then we managed to get a horrible flu that has lasted all week. Hence I have had some thinking time, haven't been able to do much else, even that has been a strain!

So I am working on a new screen printing design and are looking for different names that you call boys eg. little fellow, baby, son, boy....... hopefully you get the idea. Even boy in other languages would be good. So if you can send me your thoughts to add to my list would be much appreciated.

Stay tuned it should only take a few weeks to have available.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

.... and so the girls don't feel left out here are some of the blocks I have printed to hopefully put around my niece's quilt below when I work out how to arrange it all, still open to any ideas.

Some of my printed blocks and hand dyed material

Here are my cute car blocks resting on some of my hand dyed fabric. The green car in the middle has been very popular and is the only one I have left so I need to print more!

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Welcome those who have joined my Blog. The photo shows some of the material I have dyed. The blue is going to make some wonderful water in a quilt. As soon as I get some more time will be printing my cars over some of the material. I am currently designing some space themed blocks that will also be printed on my dyed material. Trying to kept it bright and fun for the boys. If you have some suggestions or are instrested in purchasing material let me know.

Stay tuned to this blog for further pictures.


I am new at this so hopefully I will not make too many mistakes.

I am making this quilt for my neice who love My Pony. I have Screen Printed & Embriodered some blocks to put around it but cannot work out how to make it all work together. Have anyone got any ideas?