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Sunday, June 20, 2010

What a busy weekend

Well I have been busy all weekend doing screen printing and trying to finish the two quilts I am quilting. I have been fortunate enough to have someone offer to do some marketing and hopefully sell my blocks which will be fantastic. So I have been busy printing. In between I have been quilting madly so that I have some finished product pictures to show too.

I have found a new use for my ENJO outdoor glove. I had some gunk on my screen that was not coming off no matter what I did, I decided to get my Enjo glove out. What harm could it do? I was surprised at the amount of ink it took off so will use it more in the future, oh and yes it did get the gunk off too!

My new ENJO addition is the Lint Glove. I found that this gets the fibres that are stuck in my cutting board out so really please with that too. It is also good to take the threads off the fabric before I print. I don't think it will go back into the house at this rate!

Well will get on with the pressing and cutting and then some sleep so I can go to work. Will have some more pictures in the next couple of days.

Till then stay well.

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  1. Sounds like you've had a productive weekend! Its good to hear the enjo is helping out too!